THR33FOLD and Turbana, the fourth largest banana company in North America, partner to activate, inspire and empower communities across the US.

In our fast-paced, coffee and selfie-obsessed times, people barely have time to catch a few z’s, much less make a big difference in their community. Even though many would love to make a difference, people often feel that their contributions would be so insignificant, that they cease trying before they embark. This results in hundreds of thousands of voices left unheard needs unmet and most of all, people left behind.  THR33FOLD and Turbana set out to change that by leveraging a social media plan with a cause hunt for the people, by the people.

Hosted on Facebook, we built a killer app for “Win 25K For Your Cause” and crafted a Facebook and Twitter strategy to launch the social initiative across North America, challenging and inspiring individuals to share their voices for causes that they cared about.

Within six weeks, over 80 communities across America came together in support of causes that they felt passionate about.  With 422,062 social media interactions garnered over the course of the initiative, the integrated marketing campaign spread like wildfire among non-profits.  In the end, one amazing community sang the loudest. Kids Enjoy Exercise Now, New York (KEEN), had over 6,745 votes from its New York community and Turbana has now forged a partnership with the organization in hope of making a tremendous positive impact to the KEEN community.

Win 25K For Your Cause empowered individuals and communities to unite and make a big difference in a very short period of time. Many of the organizations that participated saw significant growth in their social media community’s size and engagement. In addition, the integrated initiative gave several organizations an opportunity to garner the interest of news media, which helped spread information about their individual missions.