Private Company

Guzman & Company, a Miami-based boutique investment bank and brokerage firm that provides capital markets and secondary-trading solutions to targeted corporate, governmental and institutional clients across the globe, developed Guzman Energy to make communities more competitive by providing low-cost, stable power, contract flexibility and a customizable resource mix. Bringing together decades of collective experience in energy related finance and wholesale energy markets, Guzman Energy exists to discover the NEXT.
Known for making communities more competitive, Guzman Energy believes that a confluence of major events – the proliferation of renewable energy, the shale gas revolution, and changing incentives for traditional market participants – has led to a market with unprecedented opportunity and in vast need of agility and entrepreneurship. Unlike traditional participants, Guzman Energy is able to look across disciplines, into the areas of finance, wholesale markets, and trading, in order to truly solve market inefficiencies. The Guzman Energy Group, which includes Guzman Energy and its affiliates,serves our communities as a specialty energy company that finances, trades and operates energy assets across North America.

Fueling Progress

By constantly uncovering new ways to make communities more competitive through there constant drive to discover the NEXT.THR33FOLD is the agency of record (AOR) for Guzman Energy. Together, we make communities more competitive through brand, social media, digitaladvertising, public relations and marketing.