THR33FOLD and Herradura Tequila, of Brown-Forman partnered to change the culture of tequila consumption.

Every brand wants to create exceptional experiences for consumers, and Herradua has been crafting experiences and its Tequila since 1870. Our team was so excited to work with the worlds finest Tequila and we were even more excited when we were asked to bring the last remaining tequila producing Hacienda in the world, to the sexy city of Miami. The goal: create a fully immersive, interactive experience that not only transforms ones idea about how Tequila should be enjoyed, but also is highly measurable and scalable.

During Cinco de Mayo everyone enjoys a little tequila, but the team here imagined transporting Miamians to the historic 19th century distillery of Casa Herradura in Amatitan Mexico via ambient 3D projections that would fully surround participants. 64ft X 24ft screens were erected to visually bring the distillery to life and the scent of citrus trees and vanilla was injected into the space to heighten the experience and bring out the notes of the 3 tequila expressions. (Images Silver, Repasado and Anjo.)

“It’s pretty neat that we recall only 40% of what we see after one month, but remember 60% of what we smell after one year. We wanted to create a moment that would stay with participants.”
– Khiem Nguyen, Lead Creative for THR33FOLD

The interactive experience was complemented with a social media plan, leveraging a campaign to engage and include the Casa Heradurra community. Though the event was limited to 600 guests, with our facebook strategy, word spread quickly and registration on the microsite completely filled within 48 hours. Surprisingly, people came from as far as New York to participate.

Garnering data was also pivotal to measuring the success of the initiative. Our microsite collected traditional data, such as, gender, age, spirit preference, cocktail preference, brand preference and so on, while our “Spirit Cards” collected attendee data throughout the night.

“The Spirit Cards enabled us to collect real-time data, providing insights that will enable Herradura to perfect the experience at future Refine Your Spirit events. This was important, because if you want to create a cultural shift in the way people enjoy Tequila, the experience has to be perfect and scalable to extend across multiple cities. Since Miami was a test market for the concept, we wanted to gather as much data as possible.”
– Krystal Kinney, Lead brand Strategist for THR33FOLD