THR33FOLD and i-payout partner for award-winning technology.

In the newly emerging industry of digital payment systems, the landscape is changing so quickly that the vernacular of the industry itself is still not fully developed.  i-payout™ wanted to clearly define its communication, its market and its brand in a race for the top.

With time against us, THR33FOLD evaluated the industry, worked with i-payout™ on a strategy to position them as a leader in closed loop global payment systems and after a complete re-brand, i-payout™ launched its new brand in over 240 countries.

Within 6 months of the launch, i-payout™ won the Killer Technology category in the 2014 Paybefore Awards, one of most prestigious recognitions of excellence in the worldwide prepaid, mobile and emerging payments industry. This was an exciting and big win garnering attention in the world of Tech PR.

Within that same six months, i-payout™ CFO Natalia Yenatska was named one of the 2014 “Pros to Know” by Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine. The combined recognition and re-brand reportedly increased incoming leads by 20 percent.

In addition to back-to-back accolades, i-payout™ garnered earned media on the national level for their efforts to stimulate economic growth by helping companies expand to new markets not previously considered. According to the World Bank’s Global Findex 2012 database, more than half of the world’s adult population lacks a bank account, that’s nearly 2.5 billion people worldwide. Since most global companies require sales representatives to have a personal bank account in order to provide them with payments, this leaves limited opportunities for a lot of people. The i-payout™ eWallet not only saves unbanked individuals from being turned down for work, but also provides companies a simple, secure, and cost-effective way to do business globally.