39th Annual Marine Corps Marathon
Is Powered By The Peel

Turbana, the world’s most socially conscious banana company, partnered with THR33FOLD to create a fully integrated cause marketing campaign for the 39th Marine Corps Marathon. Together, we sought out to create an experience that not only showed the runners that we were rooting for them, but also would make them feel that we were sponsoring all 30,000 runners individually. Thus, the “Powered by the Peel” campaign was born.

Environmental consciousness is important to Turbana, so as the sole banana sponsor, the first item on our list was to ensure that our 30,000 donated bananas would not only leave zero impact, but would also contribute to a better world. Working closely with the Marine Corps Marathon, we were able to establish the largest composting program ever at a public event. All 30,000 Turbana banana’s were collected at composting stations and delivered to local farms.

On Oct. 17th we launched the Powered by the Peel social media campaign in an effort to connect with the runners prior to the race day on Oct. 26th. We sent out the first post with one simple question, “Who are your running for?” That single post received an overwhelming 450 passionate responses. Little did the respondents know, but we were to choose 15 individual comments that would be turned into inspiration posters that would run the last stretch of the 26.2-mile course. The social campaign was a success! Within 10 days, #PoweredByThePeel was seen over 24,030 times and, in total, 383,337 social impressions were garnered surrounding the campaign.

The fun didn’t stop there. During the event weekend, Turbana partnered with 15 local hotels to provide “power packs” filled with motivational items to empower runners as they checked in. On the race morning, Powered by the Peel street teams were up at 4am and positioned throughout the city. We knew it would be pretty chilly, so our teams gave runners hand warmers to keep their blood warm before the race. Exhausted and dehydrated, runners crossing the 26 mile marker would begin to see inspirational signs to remind them, in their own words, why they run. As individuals crossed the finish line, Marines congratulated them and helped them re-fuel with 30,000 Turbana bananas. At the Finish Festival, Turbana’s street team congratulated runners and satisfied their craving for salt with bags of Turbana plantain chips.

Of course, the entire campaign was supported by our star PR team, which worked to secure press in both trade and consumer media. Between all print, digital and trade publications, “Powered by the Peel” received 15,821,928 total media impressions.

spectators in attendance
Turbana’s page likes grew by within 10 days