The Future of Travel Is Touchless

THR33FOLD and Amadeus joined forces to launch Touchless Solutions, an automation tool that takes on time-consuming tasks so travel agents can focus on taking care of what matters most, their clients.

Traveling is fun and exciting for clients, but tedious tasks day after day can leave booking agents in a state of stress and time loss. THR33FOLD and Amadeus teamed up to show travel agencies that Touchless Solutions will free agents from repetitive tasks so they are able to invest more time in taking care of clients.

The Challenge: How to garner awareness and adoption of cutting-edge technology when automation is not yet understood or trusted by the end user?

With Facebook Pixel and email automation set up, we were able to track all inbound traffic, which enabled our team to refine and optimize our ads throughout the 4-week campaign. In addition, we set up follower ads throughout social media to share additional features and benefits to customers after they left the site.

The Solution:

The THR33FOLD team created 3 animation videos to showcase the automatic benefits of Touchless Solutions in the “Pre-Sale”, “Sale” and “Post-Sale” process. We built a landing page and housed the videos on the Amadeus website. Then, we launched an integrated social media and email campaign driving customers from Facebook, LinkedIn and email to the landing page. Customers were provided the opportunity to chat with a representative or request a call from a Touchless Solutions expert.


Within the 4 weeks, our social media campaign alone reached over 4 million people and had just shy of 30K people express interest in the Touchless Solutions platform.

We were able to get our website acquisition cost down to .02¢. Pretty incredible for a 4-week campaign on a software that requires commitment.