THR33FOLD and Turks and Caicos Board of Tourism Partner for Social Media Success

The Turks and Caicos Board of Tourism teamed up with THR33FOLD to transform the Turks and Caicos tourism industry. If you think all island life is slowly swaying to the soft breezes coming off the Caribbean, you have another thing coming. TCBT was one of the first tourism boards of many to seek out the THR33FOLD team to help put together a social strategy to launch the board’s social media pages and to provide executive training. We have watched the tourism board organically grow from a community of zero to a community of tens of thousands. Fast forward seven years and the #TurksandCaicos hashtag has been used more than 500,000 times. Additionally, the tourism board has been able to provide social media education to travel and tourism companies across the island.  Within the first year, the tourism board reported that in spite of the economic recession, the island’s tourism industry increased by roughly twenty percent, with a large portion of visitors coming from the U.S.